I am learning: that life is cyclical. Deaths and rebirths large and small, fast and slow, inner and outward, are happening all the time.

In this cycle, I am repeatedly called to discover and foster a sense of connection within myself and to my surroundings. I lose my way, and I come back to it. I am learning to recognize the security in this.

Creative, performative art is one way I reach for connection, leaning into the death and rebirth process. I act. I create. I cultivate characters and relationships, exploring the storytelling process as I walk this human journey.

I'm excited to share my highlights with you, here. I'm even more interested in conversations over coffee about the not-so-highlights that we tend not to share online -- these stumblings are our connective material and perfect fodder for the art I love to make. Please contact me if anything here resonates with you.

Let's connect. Let's create.